Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recommended: Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller

Counterfeit Gods
When the Empty Promises of Love, Money, and Power Let You Down

Author:         Timothy Keller
Paperback:   240 pages
Publisher:      Hodder & Stoughton 2010
Language:     English
ISBN:           978-0340995082
Price:            RM 34.65

New book from the bestselling author of THE REASON FOR GOD

TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO, THE MOST DEVELOPED NATIONS IN THE WORLD WORSHIPPED IDOLS, GODS OF WOOD AND STONE. Today we may laugh at their ignorance, but the modern manifestations of idolatry are no less foolish and just as harmful to our wellbeing.

Culturally transforming and biblically grounded, COUNTERFEIT GODS is a powerful book by New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller, pondering the persistent temptation to worship what can only disappoint, and with a vital message for today's current climate of financial and social difficulty. Keller looks at the issue of idolatry throughout the Bible, from the worship of actual idols in the Old Testament to the love of money by the rich young ruler in Jesus's parable. Using these classic stories, Keller cuts through our dependence on the glittering false gods of money, sex and power to uncover the path towards trust in the real ultimate - God.

Counterfeit Gods offers much insight for shepherding local churches. Keller argues that Christians cannot understand themselves or their culture unless they discern the counterfeit gods.
— Collin Hansen, Christianity Today

Tim Keller knows how to tell a Bible story. Like The Prodigal God before it, his latest book, Counterfeit Gods is built around them. And every time I read one of those stories, I feel like I am hearing it for the first time. ...Counterfeit Gods is easily one of the best books I’ve read this year.
— Tim Challies, Author

Keller’s wisdom and biblical understanding, served up in clear, engaging writing, can help both Christians and non-Christians to identify the idols in our own hearts and replace empty promises with hope in Christ.
— World Magazine

Counterfeit Gods smashes the arrogant conclusion that violation of the first commandment was merely an ancient problem. Combining biblical theology with experienced surgery on the soul over the years in modern Manhattan... Keller’s heart diagnostics will leave us neither ignorant nor unmoved.
— David B. Garner, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

About the Author
Dr. Timothy Keller opened Redeemer Presbyterian church in Manhattan in 1989. After receiving a doctorate in ministry from Westminster Theological Seminary in the 1970’s, Dr. Keller was a part time Professor of Practical Theology. He then formed Redeemer in New York City, where he lives with his wife, Kathy, and three sons.

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