Church/ Pastoral Helps/Counselling

The Quick-Reference Guide to Marriage & Family Counseling
Author: Dr. Tim Clinton, Dr. John Trent
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: RM85.15
We all know of families or marriages in crisis. When those suffering in such situations turn to us for help, where do we turn? The Quick-Reference Guide to Marriage & Family Counseling provides the answers.
This A-Z guide gives pastors, counselors, and everyday believers the information they need to help congregants, clients, and friends with their most important relationships. The many issues addressed include
•affairs and adultery
•communication in marriage
•divorce proofing
•sibling rivalry
Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies typical symptoms and patterns, definitions and key thoughts, questions to ask, directions for the conversation, action steps, biblical insights, prayer starters, and recommended resources.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Biblical Counseling
Author: Dr. Ron Hawkins, Dr. Tim Clinton
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: RM64.00
Hurting people need help. But sometimes those who are faced with helping the hurting could use a little more information about the problems people bring to them. The Quick-Reference Guide to Biblical Counseling provides the answers.
This A-Z guide gives pastors, counselors, and everyday believers the information they need to help congregants, clients, and friends in a wide array of situations. The many issues addressed include
•sexual abuse in childhood
Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies typical symptoms and patterns, definitions and key thoughts, questions to ask, directions for the conversation, action steps, biblical insights, prayer starters, and recommended resources.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Women
Author: Dr. Tim Clinton, Dr. Diane Langberg
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: RM64.00
Women have unique needs and unique problems that require understanding, empathy, and direction from their pastors and counselors. For anyone who is called to counsel women, The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Women will be a welcome guide to bring hope, life, and freedom to women in need.
This A-Z guide gives pastors, professional counselors, and lay helpers the information they need to help female church members, clients, and friends work through their spiritual and emotional issues. The many topics addressed include:
-healthy relationships
-conflict and stress
-sexuality, pregnancy, and infertility
-emotional and physical abuse
-roles of women
Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies typical symptoms and patterns, definitions and key thoughts, questions to ask, directions for the conversation, action steps, biblical insights, prayer starters, and recommended resources.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Teenagers
Author: Dr. Tim Clinton, Dr. Chap Clark, Dr. Joshua Straub
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: RM64.00
Youth culture changes rapidly, so those in the position to counsel and advise teens often find themselves ill-informed and ill-prepared to deal with the issues that youth routinely encounter today. The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Teenagers provides the answers.
This A-Z guide gives pastors, counselors, youth workers, and parents the information they need to help congregants, clients, and children with their most important relationships. The many issues addressed include:
-culture and media influence
-drugs and alcohol
-parent-adolescent relationships
Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies typical symptoms and patterns, definitions and key thoughts, questions to ask, directions for the conversation, action steps, biblical insights, prayer starters, and recommended resources.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Sexuality & Relationship Counseling
Author: Dr. Tim Clinton, Dr. Mark Laaser
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: RM64.00
Wise counsel on sexual and relational issues
One of the foremost counseling needs of our day is help with sexuality and relationship issues. Those who are faced with such challenging concerns can readily use expert help with the problems that people bring to them. The Quick-Reference Guide to Sexuality and Relationship Counseling provides the answers.
This guide gives pastors, counselors, and everyday believers the information they need to help congregants, clients, and friends with their most intimate issues, including
-sexual expectations and satisfaction
-infidelity, forgiveness, and trust
-sexual addictions
-gender identity issues
-raising sexually healthy kids
Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies typical symptoms and patterns, definitions and key thoughts, questions to ask, directions for the conversation, action steps, biblical insights, prayer starters, and recommended resources.

The Hardest Sermons You'll Ever Have to Preach: Help from Trusted Preachers for Tragic Times
Author: Bryan Chapell
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: RM51.20
Cancer. Suicide. The death of a child. As much as we wish we could avoid tragedies like these, eventually they will strike your church community. When they do, pastors must be ready to offer help by communicating the life-changing message of the gospel in a way that offers hope, truth, and encouragement during these difficult circumstances. Those asked to preach in the midst of tragedy know the anxiety of trying to say appropriate things from God's Word that will comfort and strengthen God's people when emotions and faith are stretched thin. This indispensable resource helps pastors prepare sermons in the face of tragedies by providing suggestions for how to approach different kinds of tragedy, as well as insight into how to handle the theological challenges of human suffering. Each topic provides a specific description of the context of the tragedy, the key concerns that need to be addressed in the message, and an outline of the approach taken in the sample sermon that follows. Topics addressed include: abortion; abuse; responding to national and community tragedies; the death of a child; death due to cancer and prolonged sickness; death due to drunk driving; drug abuse; and suicide. Bryan Chapell, author of Christ-Centered Preaching, has gathered together messages from some of today's most trusted Christian leaders including: John Piper, Tim Keller, Michael Horton, Jack Collins, Dan Doriani, Jerram Barrs, Mike Khandjian, Robert Rayburn, Wilson Benton, Bob Flayhart, and George Robertson. Each chapter provides you with the resources you need to communicate the life-giving hope of the gospel in the midst of tragedy. In addition, the appendices provide further suggestions of biblical texts for addressing various subjects as well as guidance for conducting funerals.

We Were the Least of These: Reading the Bible with Survivors of Sexual Abuse [Paperback]
Author: Elaine A.Heath
Publisher: Brazos Press
Price: RM51.20
We Were the Least of These illuminates the good news of healing and liberation that the Bible offers survivors of sexual abuse. Elaine Heath offers a close reading of several biblical passages that have proven to be profoundly therapeutic for survivors and shares stories and insights from those who have experienced healing through the Bible. As a theologian and survivor of abuse herself, she handles this sensitive topic with compassion and grace.

Parade of Faith: A Biographical History of the Christian Church
Author: Ruth A.Tucker
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: RM102.40
Part storybook, part textbook, part historical overview, Parade of Faith presents the history of Christianity in riveting fashion. Ruth Tucker adopts the metaphor of a parade, journey, or pilgrimage to explore the history of Christianity, which began as the Messiah marched out of the pages of the Old Testament and will end one day when 'the saints go marching in' to the New Jerusalem. The book is divided into two chronological groupings: first, the advent of Christianity until the German and Swiss Reformations; second, the Anabaptist movement and Catholic Reformation until the present-day worldwide expansion of the church. Yet, ultimately the topic matter is not movements, dates, or a stream of facts, but instead people---people who still have stories to tell other Christians. And with a little help from clues to their own contexts, they can still speak clearly today. This book is laid out systematically to showcase the biographies of such prominent figures within their historical settings. The pages are peppered with sidebars, historical 'what if' questions, explorations of relevant topics for today, personal reflections, illustrations, and lists for further reading. Parade of Faith is an excellent introduction for undergraduate students and interested lay readers.

Bridges to Grace: Innovative Approaches to Recovery Ministry
Author: Elizabeth A Swanson, Teresa J. McBean
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: RM48.65
Discover the power of recovery ministry for your church. Churchgoers who experience painful family issues, addictions, abuse, loss, mental illnesses, and other secret sorrows begin to believe they live beyond the grip of God's redemptive hand. Pastors often feel ill equipped to help with such problems and refer people to resources outside the church. People badly need Christ-centered counsel and encouragement, but few church leaders even know where to start. Bridges to Grace is an inspiring introduction highlighting the stories of churches across the country that are thinking systematically and organizationally about the ministry of recovery. The authors share how this ministry is bringing God's grace to hurting individuals. They relate both success and failure, and best of all, they demonstrate how God uses recovery ministry powerfully for his kingdom purposes.

Counseling Couples in Conflict: A Relational Restoration Model
Author: James N.Sells & Mark A.Yarhouse
Publisher: IVP Academic
Price: RM66.60
Most therapeutic approaches, especially those of a cognitive orientation, are not very effective in dealing with high conflict relationships--couples often heading toward divorce by the time they seek help. Counseling Couples in Conflict is a resource for pastors and counselors who want to be ready for these uniquely difficult cases. Utilizing a relational conflict and restoration model Mark Yarhouse and James Sells point the way beyond the cycle of pain towards marital healing.

15 Characteristics of Effective Pastors: How to Strengthen Your Inner Core and Ministry Impact
Author: Kevin W.Mannoia & Larry Walkemeyer
Publisher: Regal
Price: RM38.40
Do you ever wonder if you are an effective pastor? Do you wonder how you can measure if you’re effective or not? If so, you’re in good company. In 15 Characteristics of Effective Pastors, Kevin Mannoia and Larry Walkemeyer bring together nine ministry experts (including Jack Hayford, H. B. London and Gordon MacDonald) to tackle the issue of what makes a pastor truly effective. What they have to say may surprise you. This invaluable guidebook explores the 15 character qualities of pastors who are deemed to be the most effective and offers hope to pastors and church leaders who are in doubt about how well they are doing in their role. Whatever your ministry situation, you can expand your impact by strengthening your inner core and developing the characteristics of an effective pastor.

Christian Counseling, Revised and Updated Third Edition
Author: Gary R. Collins Ph.D.
Publisher: Thomas Nelson / 2006 / Paperback
Price: RM

A proven "course" in pastoral counseling---now revised and expanded! Dr. Collins includes recent research and strategies for dealing with problems such as AIDS, homosexuality, violence, and eating disorders; and new sections covering terrorism, trauma, and crises; death and grief; and multicultural and multiracial issues. Practical, professional guidance from an experienced source.

Your Church Is Too Small
: Why Unity in Christ's Mission Is Vital to the Future of the Church
Author : John H Armstrong
Publisher : Zondervan
Selling Price : RM52.50

In Your Church Is Too Small, John Armstrong presents a vision of the unity possible for Christians across social, cultural, racial, and denominational lines. When Jesus’ followers seek unity through participation in the kingdom of God and the mission of Christ, they demonstrate God’s character to a watching world.

Church History in Plain Language, Third Edition
Author: Bruce L. Shelley
Publisher: Thomas Nelson / 2008 / Paperback
Price: RM78.75

An updated edition of a revered standard! Engaging, readable, and informative, Shelley's lively account brings the story of church history into the 21st century. This volume includes new chapters on the rise of global Islam, the worldwide resurgence of Roman Catholicism, the decline of Christianity in the West and its growth in China, and other recent developments.

Christianity Through the Centuries, Expanded Third Edition
Author: Earle Cairns
Publisher: Zondervan / 1996 / Hardcover
Price: RM 79.20

This third edition of Christianity Through The Centuries brings the reader up-to-date by discussing events and developments in the church into the 1990's. This edition has been redesigned with new typography and greatly improved graphics to increase clarity, accessibility, and usefulness. New chapters examine recent trends and developments (expanding the last section from 2 chapters to 5). New photos. Over 100 photos in all-more than twice the number in the previous edition. Single-column format for greater readability and a contemporary look. Improved maps (21) and charts (39). From a conservative viewpoint for the student/advanced lay person. Contains an index, end notes, and suggestions for further reading.

Becoming a Contagious Church: Increasing Your Church's Evangelistic Temperature
Author: Mark Mittelberg
Publisher: Zondervan / 2007 / Paperback
Price: RM 39.35

Does your church understand evangelism well enough to get excited about it? Revised to reflect the realities of life in today's world, Mittelberg's resource dispels outdated preconceptions and walks you through a 6-stage process for raising your congregation's evangelistic temperature beyond mere talk to infectious energy, action, and lasting commitment.

Transformational Church: Creating a New Scorecard for Congregations
Author: Ed Stetzer, Thom S. Rainer
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group / 2010
Price: RM 32.70

Churches committed to following Christ's wish to see this world changed for the sake of eternity. What is the best way for a body of believers do its part in contribting to an environment where true spiritual transformation can occur? In Transformational Church, bestselling research authors Ed Stezer and Thom S. Rainer survey thousands of congregations to find that the most effective transformational churches are those who make disciples shaped by the Gospel. These disciples in turn, are key to engaging their culture surrounding them resulting in its ultimate transformation!

The Peacemaking Pastor
Author: Alfred Poirier
Publisher: Baker / 2006 / Trade Paperback
Price: RM 40.80

New pastors graduate from seminary trained in biblical exposition, well-ordered worship, and sound theology---but with little knowledge about the crucial job of conflict resolution. Poirier emphasizes the importance of a reconciliation ministry, provides a theological framework for peacemaking, and offers practical tools for facilitating the mediation process. Essential equipment for today's leaders!

Simple Church: Returning to God's Process for Making Disciples
Author: Thom S. Rainer, Eric Geiger
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group / 2006
Price: RM 32.40

The simple revolution has begun. From the design of the iPod to the uncluttered Google home page, simple ideas are changing the world.
Simple Church clearly calls for Christians to return to the simple gospel-sharing methods of Jesus. No bells or whistles required, so to speak.
Based on case studies of four hundred American churches, authors Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger prove that the process for making disciples has quite often become too complex. Simple churches are thriving, and they are doing so by taking these four ideas to heart: Clarity. Movement. Alignment. Focus.
Each idea is examined here, simply showing why it is time to simplify.

7 Practices of Effective Ministry
Author: Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, Lane Jones
Publisher: Multnomah Publishers, Inc. / Hardcover
Price: RM 52.60

Discover seven simple ways to revitalize your ministry through the parable of Ray Martin, the founding pastor of Meadowland Community Church. Busyness, pressures, and programs have blurred his original vision. But a night at a most remarkable baseball game changes everything! Pastors and church leaders will welcome this refreshing approach to ministry.

Church Next
Quantum changes in Christian ministry
Author: Eddie Gibbs & Ian Coffey
Price: RM 49.45

In this acclaimed study, the authors identify some of the major storm centres through which churches must navigate, not in order to return to a previously more tranquil world, but to enter an entirely new one. They look at mission, church structures, developing new leaders and mentoring, worship, spirituality and evangelism, and ask how our ministry must change in order to serve a new generation of Christians.

The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation, Revised: The Story of Christianity vol 1
Author: Justo L. Gonzalez
Publisher: HarperOne / 2010 / Paperback
Price: RM66.60

A seminary standard, this acclaimed text brings alive the people, dramatic events, and ideas that shaped the first 15 centuries of the church's life and thought, including major events outside of Europe, such as the Spanish and Portuguese conquest of the New World. This first volume details the lives of prominent figures; outlines core theological developments; discusses major events outside of Europe; and shows how social, political, and economic movements affected Christianity's internal growth. Using lively storytelling, this fully revised and updated edition of The Story of Christianity vol 1 provides a noteworthy introduction to the panoramic history of Christianity.

The Living Church-The Convictions of a lifelong pastor
Author : John Stott
Publsiher : IVP
Price : RM37.50
What exactly is a living church?
Author John Stott explains, 'We need more radically conservative churches: "conservative" in the sense that they conserve what Scripture plainly requires, but radical in relation to that combination of tradition and convention that we call 'culture'. Scripture is unchangeable, but culture is not.'
'The Living Church' brings together a number of characteristics of what the author calls 'authentic' or 'living' church. The marks, being clearly biblical, are timeless and need to be preserved.
We are encouraged to become learning churches, caring churches, worshipping churches and evangelising churches.
John Stott unpacks the Bible's wisdom rigorously with a teacher's skill and applies it faithfully with a pastor's heart. Becoming a living church is not an impossible goal.

Taking Your Church to the Next Level: What Got You Here Won't Get You There
Author : Gary L.Mclntosh
Publisher: Baker
Price : RM44.60
All local churches experience a predictable life cycle of growth and decline. But if a church is on a downward trend, how can it turn around? Taking Your Church to the Next Level explains the impact of age and size on churches and outlines the improvements that must be made at each point for a church to remain fruitful and faithful to its mission. McIntosh deftly describes the cycles of fruitfulness and the importance of continual improvement to diminish destructive forces that keep a congregation from its mission. Church leaders, pastors, and all who care about the church and desire to see it experience biblical growth will benefit from the sage wisdom offered in these pages.

The Purpose-Driven Church: Growth Without Compromising Your Message & Mission
Author : Rick Warren
Publisher: Zondervan
Price : RM39.35
Every church is driven by something. Tradition, finances, programs, personalities, events, seekers, and even buildings can each be the controlling force in a church. But Rick Warren believes that in order for a church to be healthy it must become a purpose-driven church, built around the five New Testament purposes given to the church by Jesus.
“The issue is church health, not church growth!” declares Warren. “If your church is healthy, growth will occur naturally. Healthy, consistent growth is the result of balancing the five biblical purposes of the church.”

One Church, Four Generations: Understanding and Reaching All Ages in Your Church
Author : Gary L. McIntosh
Publisher: Baker
Price : RM46.55
Church leaders of the twenty-first century, perhaps more than at any time in history, must reach out to a variety of groups within the church. How can worship services be modified to attract young people without driving the older members away? Is it possible for a church to have an intergenerational ministry? How can churches keep the youngest members involved? One Church, Four Generations gives thoughtful insight into the four generations found in churches today, exploring the qualities, values, and interests of each group in relation to the historical events and social trends that have shaped them. Youíll find practical suggestions for types of ministry and worship styles that will draw each generationófrom the oldest generation of Builders to the youngest crowd of Bridgers. Helpful tables offer summaries of generational characteristics, common needs and concerns, and ways to reach the unchurched. ìOne Church, Four Generations is at once an encyclopedia, history, and cat scan of ourselves and those around usóall in an exciting, readable, practical form. What a great resource to understand your parents, kids, yourself, and, most of all, your church!

One Size Doesn't Fit All: Bringing Out the Best in Any Size Church
Author : Gary L. McIntosh
Publisher: Revell
Price : RM39.45
Framed as a discussion between a pastor six months out of seminary and a veteran pastor, this book tackles the issues of how churches grow and how church size determines effective strategy for ministry. The pastors Saturday morning dialogues reveal ten areas that will help readers understand their own churchs psychology, addressing questions such as:
-How do churches grow?
-How does change take place?
-What is the churchs orientation?
-How is the church structured?
-Who sets the direction?
-What is the pastors role?
This is a vital resource for any new pastor, church planter, or lay leader concerned about his or her local church. Each chapter concludes with a Taking It Home segment.

Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century: A Comprehensive Guide for New Churches and Those Desiring Renewal
Author : Aubrey Malphurs
Publisher: Baker
Price : RM71.25
Aubrey Malphurs fervently believes that the church will awaken and thrive in the twenty-first century - but in nothing like its twentieth-century form. Revised and updated, this second edition emphasizes the importance of ministry's core values, mission, and strategy. Sixteen accompanying worksheets are included, and new chapter-end checklists aid in review. This creative handbook shows church planters how to focus on the essential ingredients for success: a Great Commission vision, strong servant-leadership, a mobilized lay army, culturally relevant ministry and evangelism, authentic worship, and a robust network of small groups.

Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling
Author: John G.Kruis
Publisher: Baker Books; 3rd edition
Price: RM33.30
A handy reference tool to help counselors, pastors, and individuals with specific personal needs find scriptural guidance for resolving problems. Revised and expanded.

The New Guide to Crisis and Trauma Counseling [Hardcover]
Author: Dr. H. Norman Wright
Publisher: Regal
Price: RM89.60
An informative and practical guide for beginning or lay counselors and those in situations that require immediate action in emergency situations. This relaunch of Crisis Counseling is upgraded and expanded, with new material and anecdotes in chapters that cover the areas of crisis intervention, how to counsel the depressed, the suicidal, and those going through divorce, children and adolescents crisis, and more. This classic volume on the trauma of loss and grief provides excellent instruction on what to do for others in the first 72 hours following a crisis for those who are helpless to help themselves.

Facing Messy Stuff in the Church: Case Studies for Pastors and Congregations
Author: Kenneth L.Swetland
Publisher: Kregel Academic & Professional
Price: RM40.80
Ministry is messy business. As a pastor or church leader, you interact regularly with people struggling with depression, sexual harassment, pornography, divorce, the effects of abortion, and other serious issues. You are called upon to work through these crises, but may feel very unequipped to do so. In this collection of fifteen case studies, Kenneth Swetland prepares church leaders to deal with the messy stuff head on, rather than merely doing damage control after the problems have erupted. Each chapter presents a real-life crisis and leads the reader to work through careful biblical responses to it. Included are discussion questions for each case study, an appendix for discussion facilitators, and a bibliography of additional resources on the particular issues raised. Kenneth L. Swetland (D.Min., Andover Newton Theological School) has been academic dean and professor of pastoral ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for more than thirty-two years, and is now Campus Chaplain. He is the author of The Hidden World of the Pastor: Case Studies on Personal Issues of Real Pastors.
A collection of fourteen case studies that give church leaders practical and realistic preparation to handle tough issues like sexual harassment, pornography, divorce, and the effects of abortion. Includes discussion questions and a bibliography of additional resources.

Confirming the Pastoral Call: A Guide to Matching Candidates and Congregations
Author: Joseph L.Umidi
Publisher: Kregel Academic & Professional
Price: RM35.35
With humor and insight born of experience, Joseph Umidi tells candidates how to approach a selection process by clarifying personal vision for ministry, connecting heart-to-heart with decision makers, and asking the right people the right questions. Search committee members will find guidance in analyzing a church's readiness for change, determining what is most needed now, and judging a candidate's strength in meeting those needs. Eleven appendixes provide key model documents that will help the decision-making process.

The Effective Invitation: A Practical Guide for the Pastor
Author: R.Alan Streett
Publisher: Kregel Academic & Professional
Price: RM38.10
Is the public invitation to accept Christ a vital part of your preaching ministry?
Dr. R. Alan Streett provides practical and biblical models to revitalize the “altar call” in this expanded 2nd edition of The Effective Invitation. Dr. Streett traces the historical practice of the public invitation from the New Testament to contemporary preachers and evangelists. Various models and principles for effective invitations are provided and can be adapted to many different ministry styles. Included are:
* New! Illustrations and biblical references on repentance and faith
* New! An examination of objections to the invitation
* Guidelines for reaching children and teens
* Suggestions for using music with invitations
* Contemporary invitation models
This unique resource will help pastors, evangelists, and Bible teachers clearly and effectively invite others to follow Christ.

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit: Seven Principles of Dynamic Cooperation
Author: Brad Long, Paul K. Stokes, Cindy Strickler
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: RM43.50
Do the programs crowding the typical church’s weekly schedule today lack an essential element, one that is fundamental to their having the greatest spiritual impact? This biblically grounded book asserts that many leaders overlook the necessary precondition of discerning and cooperating with the empowering will of the Holy Spirit before putting their plans into action. Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit is a highly practical guide for nurturing relations between believers and the Holy Spirit, a process facilitated by seven dynamics. • Love that draws us into engagement • Faith and obedience • Receiving divine guidance • Exercising spiritual discernment • Welcoming the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit • Intercessory prayer that shapes the future • Seeing and responding to kairos moments Advanced by the church leadership and brought into being by the Holy Spirit, these factors help congregations preach and teach, worship, heal, govern, make disciples of converts, and evangelize. One of this book’s strengths is the use of case studies to illustrate how the seven dynamics can take root in local congregations.

How to Help People Change: The Four-Step Biblical Process
Author: Jay E.Adams
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: RM33.30
'While touching on many aspects of counseling, this book . . . is specifically designed to elucidate the process of counseling. I have often mentioned and illustrated that process, but not in the focused and systemic way that the four-step biblical process is set forth here. . . . This book presents a fresh perspective not only on how to counsel, but also on what measures to take at what stages of counseling.'---Jay Adams, from the prefaceChange is the essential goal of the counseling process. And, in the author's words, 'substantial change requires the alteration of the heart.' How can a Christian counselor facilitate such change? The answer, of course, may be found in Scripture, specifically in 2 Timothy 3:14--17.Jay Adams is a well-known counselor who bases his whole approach on Scripture. This book provides an unparalleled opportunity to see how he discovers and applies biblical principles as well as the way in which Scripture functions as the basis for his counseling approach. This book answers two questions: 'How does a counselor help people change?' and, 'How does Scripture provide the source of a counselor's method?'How to Help People Change has much to say about the ongoing discussion of the relationship between theology and psychology in the enterprise of Christian counseling.

Supporting Asian Christianity's Transition from Mission to Church: A History of the Foundation for Theological Education in South East (Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America) [Paperback]
Editor: Samuel C.Pearson
Publisher: Eerdmans
Price: RM87.05
“This volume, telling the story of how one North American ecumenical foundation learned to move from a ‘missions’ stance to one of ‘partnership,’ is at once informative, intriguing, and instructive for anyone curious about or interested in the development of contextual theological education and scholarship in China and Southeast Asia. It traces the efforts of Protestant churches and educational institutions emerging from World War II, revolution, and colonization to train an indigenous leadership and to nurture theological scholars for the political, cultural, and religious realities in which these ecclesial bodies find themselves.” — Greer Anne Wenh-In Ng, Professor Emerita, Victoria University in the University of Toronto

Mend the gap:Can the Church Reconnect the Generations?
Author: Jason Gardner
Publisher: IVP
Price: RM44.50
Pop music, piercings and peers.
As society alters beyond recognition, the gap between young and old threatens to become a deep fracture in the heart of families, communities - and churches.
Urgent surgery is required to mend the gap.
Resisting simplistic solutions, Jason Gardner deftly analyses the reasons for the growing generation gap, including the role of the church. He provides practical steps forward for church leaders, youthworkers and parents. Underpinning this hopeful book is an unshaking belief in Christ's burning ability to inspire a 'whole big bad beautiful mix of people to follow him, regardless of their age'.

Overcoming Emotions That Destroy: Practical Help for Those Angry Feelings That Ruin Relationships [Hardcover]
Author: Chip Ingram, Dr.Becca Johnson
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: RM52.50
We all struggle with angry feelings, brought on by tension, pressure, and the blocked goals and frustrations of day-to-day life. The broken and stressed relationships that result from these feelings can overwhelm us. But now there's help. Well-known teacher and speaker Chip Ingram teams up with psychologist and author Dr. Becca Johnson in this encouraging and practical book, showing how many emotions lead to anger, and many emotions follow from it. Their message is clear: as we deal with our anger, we deal with the primary cause for all emotions that destroy. Ingram and Johnson help readers identify whether they are spewers, leakers, or stuffers. Readers also learn the difference between good and bad anger, how to gain control of their anger, and how to direct it toward constructive ends. The authors cover solid biblical principles as well as the psychological aspects of our emotions, showing readers how they can actually be a constructive tool used by God to transform lives and relationships. Counselors, pastors, and individual Christians will find this book a no-nonsense tool for handling destructive emotions in a healthy way.