Monday, March 31, 2014

Know Why You Believe by Paul E. Little / 你为何要信? / Tahukah Sebabnya Anda Percaya?

In 2006, Christianity Today voted this title to be one of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals! Have you ever asked
  • Do science and Scripture conflict?
  • Are miracles possible?
  • Is Christian experience real?
  • Why does God allow suffering and evil?
These questions need solid answers. That's what a million people have already found in this clear and reasonable response to the toughest intellectual challenges posed to Christian belief. This edition, revised and updated by Marie Little in consultation with experts in science and archaeology, provides twenty-first-century information and offers solid ground for those who are willing to search for truth. Including a study guide for individuals or groups, the classic answerbook on Christian faith has never been better!

  • Paperback: 231 pages
  • Publisher: IVP Books (February 22, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0830834228
  • Price: RM38.40 nett

《你為何要信》"Know Why You Believe"(簡體)
作者:李德爾夫婦(Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Little)



作者: 李德爾夫婦著 (MR.&MRS.PAUL E. LITTLE)   譯者:
出版社: 證主圖書中心  出版日期:
頁數: 216  ISBN: 9789622025912 
類別: 福音佈道/福音叢書  適合對象: 適用所有人
定價: RM37.40 

Tahukah Sebabnya Anda Percaya?
Kita hidup di dunia yang semakin sofistikated serta berpendidikan. Mengetahui apa yang kita percaya tidak lagi memadai. Kita harus mengetahui sebabnya kita percaya.

  • Publisher: SU-MSIA
  • Language: Malay
  • ISBN: 9789007
  • Price: RM10

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